Raising a Resilient Child Workshop: I can rise when I fall!

Teach your child to rise after every fall

After this 90-minute workshop, you will learn strategies and scripts to help your children:
- Build self confidence so they can tolerate failures
- Develop self-control so they can navigate difficult emotions
- Instill growth mindsets so they can bounce back from adversities

Case studies and examples are most suitable for 3 year olds and up!

Bonuses and Replay for the workshop
Bonus #1: Know Your Child's Temperaments Checklist
Bonus #2: Recommended kids books to foster resilience
Bonus #3: List of coping skills to develop emotion regulation
Bonus #4: Lifetime access to replay of Raising a Resilient Child Workshop

This workshop is included in your membership.

Workshop Ticket: SGD 37

Hear what other parents are saying

"I've started to remind myself that I need to acknowledge my kids feelings and hold space and somehow it worked!"

Mummy Dawn

"... the next steps in confidence building and growth mindset etc... is something new to me and very illuminating!"


#1: I can rise when I fall: Activity Journal for kids  
These hands-on activities contain prompts, guiding questions and fun puzzles to solve. Through this activity journal, children learn how to problem solve, reflect and think critically as they develop self-confidence, self-control and growth mindset.
Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years old.  

#2: Filled up notes  
Includes completed notes, suggested scripts, summaries, guiding prompts, reflection exercise and case studies to complement the workshop. 
You can download this into your phone and view it anytime, anywhere as you remind yourself of the strategies and scripts to raise a resilient child.  

#3: Famous Resilient People Story Activity Kit  
Use stories about famous failures to teach your child grit and resilience. Children love stories, and they remember the lessons learnt better than us nagging at them. 
In this story activity kit, children learn about 3 famous people and their failures, and can use the thinking time questions to reflect on their own setbacks, and how to bounce back from adversities. In addition, children can kickstart their research about other famous, resilient people with our list of motivational role models.  

Note that these are digital resources, and you will only receive them on 30th May 2022 (one day before the workshop).

Course Curriculum

Jacinth Liew

Jacinth Liew, Founder of Our Little Play Nest


Hi everyone! I’m Jacinth, the mummy behind Our Little Play Nest. I’m happy you are reading this, because it means you are serious about improving the relationships with your children - you want to be the best parent for your children, you want to enjoy this season of parenthood! 

I have taught several in-person and online courses to help parents shift their mindsets about their children. I’ve taught short-fused Moms to learn to parent patiently; I’ve convinced Dads about the importance of their roles; I’ve helped couples to parent on the same page.

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom to my two kids, I was teaching secondary school students Mathematics and Science. I’ve been teaching and tutoring for more than 10 years now. With my teacher's knowledge, I am passionate to share with parents how they can build a strong, trusting relationship with their children. I empower parents with positive parenting strategies, bite-sized brain knowledge about child development, as well as practical communication tools that can change your life and help them enjoy parenting! 

If you are keen to learn ways to yell less and connect more with your kids, I will journey with you and welcome you with open arms!

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  • Bonus #1: Know Your Child's Temperaments Checklist
  • Bonus #2: Recommended books for kids
  • Bonus #3: List of coping skills
  • Bonus #4: Lifetime access to replay of Raising a Resilient Child Workshop