In Sprout, I dive deep into the various facets of parenting, help you understand your children better, and provide science-backed actionable strategies that you can apply. Parenting is tough, but once you become an informed parent, you become more empathetic, confident, and truly experience the joy of parenting. Let's do this!
Xx, Jacinth

Reflective Parenting Corner 

Each month, I will share a snippet of a parenting book to guide and inspire you to be a reflective parent.


Don't worry, I will guide you through Sprout. Access the inauguration videos to learn about the objectives of Sprout, and how to navigate the learning portal.

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What's coming up in JANUARY?

Masterclass videos 5 January 2022, Wednesday
    Speaking your child's love language
Action Tasks

    Love language prompts Speak 5 love languages daily!
    Live Group Coaching Call
    19 Jan 2022, 9:30pm (GMT +8)

    Ask any parenting related questions, hear suggestions from other experienced parents!

    Minds of Boys vs Minds of Girls
    will be available on 26 Jan 2022 

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    Every month, I give out two awards:
    #bettertogether - given to the parent who encourages and gives constructive suggestions
    #getitgoing - given to the parent who takes action (big or small) to make progress.

    Go ahead and share your wins or struggles because we are all still learning! Contribute in our FB community or in the group coaching calls.

    overview of sprout

    *Topics are subjected to changes

    Masterclass - Strategies to gain cooperation - Sharing by Sprout member Allyna (Engaging children with songs)

    Masterclass - Question prompts to elicit curiosity -  Toy rotation - Applying ABC video

    Masterclass - Feelings posters - Empathy game - M&Ms Feelings game - Bingo game - Toy rotation in action

    Masterclass - Routine checklist - Meal time Rules - Weekly meal plan - Healthy eating posters - Eating habits case studies - Positive mindsets during meal times - Guest interview with Dr. Leo Hamilton

    Masterclass - Phrases to use when speaking to strong-willed children - Family meeting scripts - Circle of control

    Masterclass - Trigger tracker - How to curate a calm down corner

    Masterclass - Question prompts to encourage critical and deep thinking - Suggested storybook lists for children - Chapter book recommendations - Phonics workshop by EllieFun Box

    Masterclass - Empathy exercises and activities for children - When children are dishonest

    Masterclass - Prepare an inviting environment for writing - Playroom tour - Guest sharing by occupational therapists Tots on Target

    Masterclass - Wheel of Life - Book club sharing No Drama Discipline

    Masterclass - Kids' activities to build social skills - Body safety guide and poster

    List of attunement strategies - Calligraphy workshop with Love Bonds

    Masterclass - Coping skills cards - Quick guide to raising a resilient child

    Masterclass - Play space audit -  Book and Toys Recommendations - Guest Speaker Kon Mari Consultant

    Masterclass  (Part 1  : Routines and Structures - What and Why Part 2 : Tips to implement routines successfully) - Yoga Guide by Sprout Member Bernice

    Masterclass  (Part 1  : "Wrong beliefs" about boundaries  Part 2: How to set boundaries) - Action Task: Scripts and words to use and avoid when setting boundaries - Hot Seat  Audio Recording with Sprout Members

    Masterclass - Game Ideas to improve attention span - Financial Literacy Sharing by Sprout Member Jeraldine

    Masterclass - Read Aloud Tips - Gratitude Cards for the family

    Masterclass - Weekly love language tasks - Summary/comparison of Books Minds of Boys & Minds of Girls

    Feb 2022: Math Skills for Kids

    Mar 2022: Anxiety Management for Kids

    Apr 2022:  First aid safety for parents

    May 2022: Alternatives to punishment

    Jun 2022: Bedtime habits

    July 2022: Consequences

    Aug 2022:  [open for voting]

    Sept 2022: Character Development Masterclass (kindness)

    Oct 2022: How to convince husbands and other caregivers

    Nov 2022: Screen Time

    Dec 2022:  [open for voting]